This week, I'm proud to bring you a Sunday Song request.  This beautiful tune was made famous by the incredible Patsy Cline.  Enjoy!

This is a song from my first album, Road to Nowhere.  I wrote it in a new Mom haze at 2am, sitting in a rocking chair holding my first son, who was a terrible sleeper!  It's a pretty serious tune, but I decided to have some fun with the video.  

This week's Sunday Song is one you may or may not remember...but you will definitely recognize the legend who recorded it.  It's called I Still Miss Someone...originally by Johnny Cash.

This week's Sunday Song is from another of my favourite artists, John Denver.  Wishing you all diamonds today...

Good Morning Everyone...thanks for joining me for another Sunday Song.  Today's is an original from my Storyteller album, called "Get Ahead.


This week's Sunday Song was written by great Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Ian Tyson.  It's one of my favourites to hear and certainly to perform.  Enjoy!


This week's Sunday Song is from my second album, Storyteller.  I wrote it with my Grandpa in mind...he always had a story to tell.  And what I would give to be able to hear one of his stories one more time.  In the video, you get to peek inside my songwriting binder (one of them...)  Lots of hastily scrawled lyrics and versions upon versions of each song.  You might see some lyrics you recognize...enjoy!

This week's Sunday Song is "My Roots Are Showing", a tune I wrote for my second album Storyteller.  All of the landscape pictures, I took around my Saskatchewan home.  I'm so proud of where I come from and am happy to show you all My Roots.  Enjoy!

My tune Pontiac '79 was added to the Skate to Saskatchewan Soundtrack at Regina's BID skating rink this past Saturday.  It sent me on a search for a picture of my first set of wheels and lo and behold!  I found a shot of me with my dear old car, 

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