My tune Pontiac '79 was added to the Skate to Saskatchewan Soundtrack at Regina's BID skating rink this past Saturday.  It sent me on a search for a picture of my first set of wheels and lo and behold!  I found a shot of me with my dear old car, parked outside of Costco.  We were using up the last of the roll of 35mm before we got our vacation pictures developed.  Man, I have a lot of memories of that car.  A few notables...


  • -earning my driver's license (I failed it the morning before my folks surprised me with the Pontiac...oh, agony!)
  • -moving away from home at 17 to take on the world
  • -commuting to my first "real" job (My boss figured he should give me a raise when he saw what I drove!)
  • -bringing home our first-born Son from the hospital (and satisfying my milkshake craving 24 hours prior)

I knew that car inside and out; precise turning radius, sweet spot on the AM dial, exactly what to wiggle when it wouldn't start...and just how far I could go on "E".  Although the latter only came with experience...  I couldn't part with the Pontiac and when she'd given me everything she had, I drove her back to the farm one last time and parked her in the automobile graveyard on my Dad's back 40.  The song is a true story of how I came to have that car, and describes her in great detail. Here's to you, Pontiac!

(p.s. You can download the single on iTunes and spark your own first-wheels memory session!)


THE Pontiac '79


Raylene February 12, 2013 @11:59 am

I remember some good times in that car!!

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