Laura's second album is a rootsy production of 10 original tunes and a cover of a traditional folk song. 


Laura Hayes: Storyteller


Road to Nowhere

Laura's debut album is an eclectic collection of 11 original tunes showcasing her storytelling style and unique, powerful voice.


Laura Hayes: Road to Nowhere


Road to Nowhere - Laura Hayes



Lyrical Bits


“...somewhere that’s nowhere, that’s right where I wanna be.”

Road to Nowhere


“...may you live life at your own pace, steer clear of the steady race and never find yourself all alone.”

Wish For You


“ you see the twinkle deep within my wrinkled eyes, do you know how much it makes me smile...”



“...memories like stars in the sky; a million to count, but some shine more bright...”

The Gift


“ had an 8-track player and power locks, it was 20 years old when I put it on blocks...” 

Pontiac ’79



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